Introducing Formchain:

Form Processing

Formchain provides an A.I. and blockchain-driven solution for processing, storing and managing online forms. Formchain protects the data-privacy of end-users (senders), while providing businesses with unparalleled form management tools.

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Formchain's key concepts

These six data concepts set Formchain apart from any other form processing provider and are driven by the latest blockchain and Web3 technology.


Formchain minimizes the amount of trust required between site owners (businesses) and end-users.

Data Ownership

Formchain uses AI and decentralization to assure that end-users maintain ownership over their data.


Formchain is compliant with most of today's privacy laws and regulations, including the European GDPR.


Formchain automatically keeps track of movements of privacy-sensitive data through its unique User-Data Track Record.

A.I. Powered

Formchain’s Artificial Intelligence Engine helps to differentiate privacy-sensitive data from non-privacy-sensitive data.


With the Formchain API, Metaverse developers have access to a high-end, fast and decentralized form solution.

Created for Businesses

Having all forms and form submissions accessible from within a single dashboard, Formchain makes creating, deploying and managing online forms incredible easy. Businesses no longer have to worry about where their form data gets stored, whether it's backed up or not, whether their form-data processing procedures comply with privacy regulations, etc. Formchain offers a single, all-in-one solution that takes care of all of these challenges.

Integrate Formchain with your existing forms in a completely seasmless way: simply connect your forms and you're good to go. Alternatively, create a form using our Form Builder and deploy it using our customizable HTML widget, or use the intelligent Formchain API.

Created for End-Users

With forms powered by Formchain, end-users maintain legal ownership of the data submitted over forms – a legal concept that’s safeguarded by Formchain’s unique technical design and implementation.

By using the freely accessible Formchain End-User Dashboard, end-users have the ability to view (access) or request to delete (anonymize) any data previously submitted over forms.

What's more, all movements of data submitted over forms are logged in so called User-Data Track Records. These audit trails are accessible by end-users from within the Formchain End-User Dashboard.

Invest in Formchain

There is an incredible number of forms out there, in all shapes and sizes, ranging from surveys, polls, job application forms, registration forms, inquiry forms, to the astronomical number of regular contact forms. A "sleeping market" made out of 400 million active forms is waiting to be awakened.

In order to make our envisioned Formchain Ecosystem a reality, Formchain offers a wide range of investment options to private investors (and likely at a later stage, also to public investors). Among other options, we offer private investors a maximum of 20% of the annual sale revenue.

Join us on this great adventure and help Formchain set new standards that can serve the entire online community.

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Powered by Formchain

When submitting an online form, end-users usually lose all sight and control over their (potentially privacy-sensitive) submitted data. With forms powered by Formchain, end-users retain full ownership over the privacy-sensitive part of their data.

Using a completely trustless, highly secure and blockchain-driven process, end-users can view, track and even request to delete the data they submit over forms.

Formchain puts people back in control over their (privacy-sensitive) data, without sacrificing any of the site owner's needs. Formchain integrates and works in a completely noninterruptive and nonintrusive way, for both parties.

Trustless handling of Data

Site owners no longer need to worry about complying to privacy regulations, as far as their online forms go. Formchain takes care of all privacy related requirements.

Formchain uses Artificial Intelligence to differentiate privacy-sensitive data from non-privacy-sensitive data. Upon request by the end-user, the privacy-sensitive part of the stored form data gets deleted, effectively anonymizing this data, while keeping it available (in its anonymized state) to the site owner (business).

For the purpose of security, Formchain stores a unique signature of each submitted form on the blockchain. Community Validation Nodes continuously compare that signature against the (encrypted) data, making it extremely hard to temper with.

Designed to Evolve

Although Formchain is currently privately owned and developed by Formchain's core Founding & Development Team, it has deliberately been designed to evolve into a fully independent, decentralized and democratized platform within the next 3 to 4 years.

At Formchain, we're building a strong foundation for this new technology to grow on, while its future shape and destination will be determined by the community.

As outlined in our roadmap, three Decentralization & Democratization Phases have been scheduled to separate Formchain from any central governance.

Privacy Regulations

Formchain’s core business concept is all about the protection of privacy-sensitive data submitted over forms by end-users, while at the same time enriching and facilitating the site owner’s data management experience. Why would businesses, government agencies and other site owners care about the integrity and safety of their user’s data, though?

Besides the obvious moral reasons, there’s another, profound reason as well: the emergence of privacy regulations in all corners of the world. Site owners are subject to ever more strict privacy regulations and face serious penalties for not complying with these regulations.

With Formchain, site owners can rest assured their forms comply with all privacy regulations.

Formchain Roadmap

The Formchain Team commits itself to at least 4 years of sustained development and promotion of the Formchain brand, guiding it towards the maturity needed to stand on its own feet - decentralized and completely democratized.

Launch of Formchain Network Protocol.

Completion of the network and infrastructure required to run the different components of Formchain.

2023 June
2023 October

Launch of the Formchain Admin and End-User Dashboards, and the Beta Test Program.

Launch of the two main dApps (the two dashboards), as well as the Beta Test Program.

IDO/IEO & ICO (Public Sale of the FORM token).

‘Initial (Decentralized) Exchange Offering’ and ‘Initial Coin Offering’ events.

2023 November
2024 February

Rollout of the Formchain A.I. Data Engine.

Rollout and activation of the A.I. Engine, enabling the automatic identification of privacy-sensitive data.

Launch of the Formchain Validator Nodes.

Launch of the Validator Nodes &dApp, enabling the validation and confirmation of off-chain stored data versus its on-chain stored hash.

2024 June
2024 July

Launch of the Formchain Live Network (official 'go-live' launch of Formchain).

Official launch of the Formchain Live Network.

Rollout of the Formchain Safe Voting Module.

Rollout of the Safe Voting Module, providing a transparent, safe, secured, audited and decentralized online voting environment.

2024 September
2025 January

Rollout of the Formchain Medical Data Module.

Rollout of the Medical Data Module, providing a safe, secured, audited, decentralized environment for submitting and storing medical data (compliant with most of the world's medical data regulations).

Completion of 3rd-Party integrations like SalesForce and PayPal

By this time, the integration of various 3rd-Party tools will be completed.

2025 May
2025 September

Rollout of Complete Decentralization & Democratization (Stage 1/3).

Finalization of the first step towards a complete decentralized and democratized Formchain Network.

Rollout of Complete Decentralization & Democratization (Stage 2/3).

Finalization of the second step towards a complete decentralized and democratized Formchain Network.

2026 March
2026 June

Rollout of Complete Decentralization & Democratization (Stage 3/3).

Finalization of the third & last step towards a complete decentralized and democratized Formchain Network.

Team & Advisors

Our team's main focus is to bring Formchain to complete maturity – to make it stand on its own feet, operating in a completely decentralized and democratic way – as of June 2026.

member img

Roel Krottje

Founder, Product Development, Web3 Development
member img

Vishrut Gajjar

Web3, Smart Contract & A.I. Development
member img

To be determined

Solana Smart Contract Development
member img

Haseeb Shah

member img

Brent Seyler

Marketing & Communications
member img

Jose Reyes

Business Strategy Advisor
member img

Oriol Llauradó

member img

Teodor-Ioan Stanciu

Privacy Regulations Advisor

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